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1. ORAL PAPER PRESENTATION 'Study of clinical profile, radiological, electro graphical and echocardiographic findings in patients of chronic Cor pulmonale' in NAPCON 2016 held at Mumbai India- November 2016.

2. ORAL CASE SERIES PRESENTATION 'IgA nephropathy-has it now become more aggressive?’ at Mumbai Nephrology group meeting, July 2018, Mumbai. 

3. ORAL CASE SERIES PRESENTATION 'MDR TB post renal Transplant- The new menace? 'at Mumbai Nephrology group meeting, July 2018, Mumbai. 

4. POSTER PRESENTATION- 'NODAT- Our experience at tertiary care centre' in ISN 2018 held at Bhubaneshwar, India- December 2018.

5. ORAL CASE PRESENTATION 'An interesting case of ILD post renal transplant 'at Mumbai Nephrology group meeting, July 2019, Mumbai. 

6. Selected to represent West zone India and presented interesting case 'Sirolimus induced ILD in a case of tacrolimus induced TMA’ in the Crystal Summit competition 2019- held at Ahmedabad, India- August 2019. 

7. POSTER PRESENTATION 'Maternal and foetal outcomes and their predictors in renal dysfunction in pregnancy' in ISN 2019 held at Chandigarh, India- November 2019. 

8. ORAL PAPER PRESENTATION ‘Clinical profile and outcome of End Stage Kidney Disease patients with SARS COV2 infection in a Tertiary care centre in Mumbai, India’ at the ISN WEST ZONE Conference held on virtual platform - September 2020.

9. ORAL POSTER PRESENTATION- 'Renal and hepatic outcomes after Remdesivir therapy in COVID-19 positive patients with renal dysfunction at baseline or after starting therapy' at the World Congress of Nephrology Canada (WCN 21) held on virtual platform- April 2021.