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Awards and Honours

1. Awarded Dr Homi Bhabha Junior Scientist prize (Mumbai region) in 9th standard. 

2. SSC (10th std) merit holder- 17th rank in state of Maharashtra, India- felicitated by the Home 
minister of the state of Maharashtra. 

3. Distinction in 4 subjects (Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and General surgery) in MBBS. 

4. Awarded Sir Ratan Tata Memorial scholarship twice during MBBS for academic excellence. 

5. Awarded Narotam Sekhsaria foundation scholarship during MBBS for academic excellence. 

6. Awarded Post graduate program in Cardiology with distinction in 2017 presented by the 
prestigious John Hopkins university school of Medicine, USA. 

7. First prize in Quiz conducted at ISN west zone conference 2018 held at Lonavala, India. 

8. Selected on Merit and successfully completed The International Society of Nephrology and 
American Nephrologist of Indian Origin
- Clinical Nephropathology Certificate Program (ISN ANIO 
CNC) 2020. 

9. Successfully completed ‘Clinical Kidney Transplantation Certificate Program’ (correspondence) 
awarded by the Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands in 2021.